Bal Bhavan, Established in the hush green vicinity of Yadajigalemane Grama Panchayat, near Sagar Taluk in Shimoga District. 15 years ago we have started Bal Bhavan activities for the benefit of Six to Sixteen years aged children with an aim for the overall development. We educate the children in the field of Arts, Craft, Clay-modeling, Dance, Music, Science, Sports like Roller Skating, Yogasana, Gymnastic Etc.

So far we have sponsored nearly 500 aspirants from our Bal Bhavan to perform their talents at Delhi and other parts of our country. With pride to say that we have bagged two National Balshree Awards from Hon. President of India and few children getting National Scholarship.

The Bal Bhavan® Sagar, started the “Radhakrishna Public School” with the co-operation of the public and the Government in the year 2003-2004.

The institution is for the students who aim high and for the students who are whole heartedly willing to attain the highest standards in all creative opportunities that life offers.

The main objective of the institution is to give importance to every aspect of education keeping the student at the center in order to make the child’s personality blossom spontaneously.

We at “Radhakrishna Public School” believe in hard work and we make our student achieve the best in academics and in the relative fields of activities during their tenure at school.