Bal Bhavan, Established in the hush green vicinity of Yadajigalemane Grama Panchayat, near Sagar Taluk in Shimoga District. 15 years ago we have started Bal Bhavan activities for the benefit of Six to Sixteen years aged children with an aim for the overall development. We educate the children in the field of Arts, Craft, Clay-modeling, Dance, Music, Science, Sports like Roller Skating, Yogasana, Gymnastic Etc.

So far we have sponsored nearly 500 aspirants from our Bal Bhavan to perform their talents at Delhi and other parts of our country. With pride to say that we have bagged two National Balshree Awards from Hon. President of India and few children getting National Scholarship.

“Radhakrishna Public School” has congenial environment. Here children learn better because they are given opportunities to choose and discover themselves in their own way.
Children here are encouraged to explore, investigate and fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them under the careful guidance of our qualified teachers. Children develop their own pace and learn. The school can be an unending adventurous center that inspires life time discovery.
It is admitted that computer education/Information Technology is a must to every child in the Twenty-First Century of the third millennium, which adapts the children to the age.
The school has the best computer lab. Computer science is taught as one of the main subjects from the Kindergarten and class one itself.
“The potential mind supported by the affectionate heart alone can learn and instruct”.
RPS has a well-furnished building, playground, Skating Rink spacious toilets and Drinking water source, sports and games, cultural activities, Dedicated faculty and transport facility.
A fleshy green shade for the children to take food and play underneath. Children imbibe love for plants and respect nature.
Medication is taught at an early age, which improves their memory, and makes them better intellectuals.
Our ardent desire is to kindle the latent talent hidden in the field of singing, dancing, debating, painting, drawing and art and craft.

The campus has full-pledged units for Music, Dance, Art and Craft including Yogasana, Karate and Physical Training Roller Skating.

Yoga is realization of self of “The insight of spiritual illumination”. The trust believes to inculcate yoga activities as an integral part during studies.